Bound on the Ionization Energy of Large Atoms

The Spin of the Ground State of an Atom

An Upper Bound for the Number of Electrons in a Large Ion

Números, Atomos y Estrellas

On the Energy of a Large Atom

The Essential Spectrum of Neumann Laplacians on Some Bounded Singular Domains

On the Atomic Energy Asymptotics

Number Theory and Atomic Densities

Weyl Sums and Atomic Energy Oscillations

Number Theory, Classical Mechanics and the Theory of Large Atoms

Lower Bounds for the Ground State Energy of Atoms

The Mathematics of Large Atoms

Teoría de Grupos y Mecánica Quántica

Aperiodicity of the Hamiltonian Flow in the Thomas-Fermi Potential

The Density in a Three-Dimensional Radial Potential

The Eigenvalue Sum for a Three-Dimensional Radial Potential

The Eigenvalue Sum for a One-Dimensional Potential

The Density in a One-Dimensional Potential

On the Dirac and Schwinger Corrections to the Ground-State Energy of an Atom

Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of Ordinary Differential Operators

Las Matemáticas de los Atomos

Interval Arithmetic in Quantum Mechanics

A Number-Theoretic Estimate for the Thomas-Fermi Density

Asymptotic Neutrality of Large Ions

Computer Assisted Lower Bounds for Atomic Energies