About RiskLab Toronto

Our Story

  • Pioneering advances in quantative finance since 1996
  • 80+ academic publications, 25+ current researchers, 500+ total citations
  • Led to the creation of several successful spin-off companies

The first RiskLab was created in 1994 at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. In 1996, another one was created independently at the University of Toronto in Canada, this time sponsored by the private company Algorithmics Incorporated.

Since then, RiskLab has expanded into Munich, Cornell University, Cambridge University, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, and the Cyprus International Institute of Management. RiskLab has also established a presence in China and Finland. RiskLab also prides itself on industry partnerships and has consistently developed successful industry collaborations since its founding.

RiskLab has made significant contributions to the field of quantitative finance. Today, it continues to be a source of strong, industry-relevant research in the field of finance through our three pillars of expertise: machine learning, mathematical modelling, and investment & trading strategies.

The Government of Canada awarded the Synergy Awards for Innovation to RiskLab Toronto in 2007 for its effective collaboration between Algorithmics Inc. (now an IBM company) and the University of Toronto. The Synergy Award is the top NSERC honour to be awarded for industry-academic collaborations in Canada.